New Prices shown for Viledon PA560 G-10.

Speritex 665 HT and Filtrair FF560 are priced less- Please Call for best price. 
Filtrair CC600 $Call

64"x79"      10 per set  $702.22
61"x91"        6 per set  $462.58
61"x107"      6 per set  $543.92

Pre filter Pads 33"x56"       02653356-12    $Call
Pre filter Pads 45/46"x60"  02654660-12    $Call
Pre filter Bags 22 5/8"x44 1/4"x10"    6 pkt on header  $240.00 cs 4 pcs

Exhaust Pads 30"x35"x1"   02993035-16   $Call
Exhaust Pads 30"x42"x1"   02993042-16   $Call
Exhaust Pads 22"x33"x2"   22 gram fiberglass  $Call

Exhaust and pre-filter pads are also available by the roll - Please determine if you are using fiberglass or polyester- I have seen both. Call for questions and prices.

Fiberglass paint arrestor: Standard Duty 15 gram  30"x300'    $153.45
                                        Heavy Duty 22 gram      30"x300'    $169.95

Please check your sizes: pads are cut slightly larger than frame size.

e-mail: curtains@netnitco.net

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