New Prices shown for Viledon PA560 G-10.

Speritex 665 HT and Filtrair FF560 are priced less- Please Call for best price. 
Filtrair CC600 $Call

32.5"x128.5" $58.00 ea
32.5" x74.5" $33.63 ea
32.5"x98.5"  5 per set  $222.31 
15 per set  $666.93
21 per set  $933.70
20"x40" Linked Pre Filter Panels $11.00 ea

20"x20"x2"  Cardboard frame High Capacity pleats- Call for WARNING
20"x20"x2" Cardboard frame disposable fiberglass- Call for WARNING
20"X20"X2" Metal Washable- Call

H.D. 22 gr. fiberglass 48"x300'  $246.95
Std. 15 gr. fiberglass 48"x300'  $274.45
22 gr. fiberglass 20"x20"  100pc $97.90
14 gr. fiberglass 20"x20"  100pc $85.80

For SPRAY-TECH* spraybooths and prep-stations using intake panel filters, see the
Spraybooth Intake Panel Filter Page(link). We also have polyester paint arrestors- Call


STERLING DESIGN*     Please Call with your sizes and part number.


e-mail: curtains@netnitco.net

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