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Do you have down draft spray booths or prep-stations? Do they utilize blanket filters in the ceiling? If yes, look at the brand of ceiling filter you use. You can also check old invoices for filter brands, sizes or part numbers. Remember most ceiling diffusion medias come on master rolls and are cut to size. We have several brands of ceiling diffusor filters on our website, click on the button next to your brand. A list of popular spraybooths will come up. It's always a good idea to measure your filters to confirm sizes.
I do have listings of sizes by Spraybooth Manufacturer, Model and Year but sometimes there are inconsistencies. Please feel free to call for assistance or for a quote.

Do you have downdraft spraybooths and prep stations using panel filters with internal or external wire frames?
Also click on the button next to your brand. For additional panel filters click on the Spraybooth Exhaust Filters page.

Do you have cross draft spraybooths? See the Spraybooth Intake Panel Filters page if you use panel filters. If you use Intake blankets call for a quote. Also see the Spraybooth Exhaust filters page for more paint arrestor options. Call for any items or filter brands not listed.

Are you looking for NESHAP Method 319: exhaust cubes, bags and panels for 2 and 3 stage industrial and Aerospace Applications? Please call with your requirements.