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New Prices shown for Viledon PA560 G-10.

Speritex 665 HT and Filtrair FF560 are priced less- Please Call for best price. 
Filtrair CC600 $Call


50.75"x55.5"   4 per set  $156.48
50.75"x55.5"   8 per set  $312.96
38.75x55.5"    4 per set   $119.48
H.D. 22 gram yellow fiberglass 25"x300'  $143.00
H.D. 22 gram yellow fiberglass 36"x300'  $208.45
Std. 15 gram green fiberglass 25"x300'   $129.00
Std. 15 gram green fiberglass 36"x300'   $186.45

Air makeup pleats: ES 40 ME high capacity 20"x20"x2"  $84.00 cs/12
Air makeup panel filters: 15/40 pink/white linked panels 20"x40"  $126.00 cs/12
Pre-filter panels: 24"x24" or 24"x48", Call with type/quantity, or see Panel Filter page.

Please check your sizes. Does your  spray booth use more than 1 size ceiling filter ?