Prices shown for Viledon PA560 G-10.

Speritex 665 HT and Filtrair FF560 are priced less- Please Call for best price. 
Filtrair CC600 $Call

58"X58"        3 per set  ST6 green tacky pad- Not Viledon    $ Call
58"x108"      3 per set   ST6 tacky pad- Not Viledon       $ Call

Call for Speritex SR-1 (SFR) or SRI-6MST
Call for bulk roll prices. Many other overhead pads are available.

Cell filter Metal  20"x24"x12"    $80.00 ea
Cell filter Metal  24"x24"x12"     $85.00 ea
Cell filter Metal   12"x24"x12"    $ call

Most of our customers have converted cell filters to bag filters. Conversions for some units at $35.00 per bag including clips. No tools required. Most of our customers report improved performance. With cell filters you are paying form an expensive metal or plastic box that is expensive to ship & then you throw it away. Feedback about conversions is appreciated. You can easily return to cells if you do not like bags.

15 grams green fiberglass paint arrestor   20x300'   $103.95 roll
15 grams green fiberglass paint arrestor  25"x300'   $129.00 roll

15 gram    36"x300'    $186.45  roll
Heavy Duty 22 gram yellow fiberglass paint arrestor   21"x300'   $114.71 roll
Heavy Duty  22 gram yellow fiberglass paint arrestor  25'x300'   $143.0 roll
Heavy Duty 22 gram yelloe fiberglass paint arrestor   36"x300'    $208.45

Replacement curtains for ABS Clean Air* Prep Stations: Call

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Call: 800-864-7382

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